Should I hire an interior designer?

Is it worth it to hire an interior designer for my house? 

That's a question that most of the potential clients ask themselves. As an interior designer, I understand that most of my clients have good taste in design and they probably can do the design and decoration themselves but interior designers are trained to design like doctors are trained to heal patients.

When I get sick I can take some Ibuprofen to relief my pain temporarily but I do not know what is the exact problem, and I keep on spending more money on medication but the actual pain remains until I go to a doctor to give me the exact prescription. 

Hiring an interior designer for your place is the same way, you know there is something missing from your house or office and you keep on spending more money to buy furniture or accessories but nothing seems to be working. When you hire a professional they give you a prescription for the main problem and fix it permanently, so you do not need to buy more things.

During every site visit and meeting with my clients, I created a list of basic problems that most of the spaces I visited had, and I came up with a grading list that would help my clients to see the actual problems in their space.

Usually, the main things that are lacking in a space are the functionality, the space plan, color scheme, furniture, style, lighting, window treatment, storage, and accessories. When you hire an interior designer they pay close attention to those details and they fix them according to their clients budget. It is very important to know which area is lacking some details and which one to fix not to make your space look out of order. When you hire a designer they exactly know what to do and which area to fix to give you a brand new remodeled spot.

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