struggles of interior design world

Since I started the business I always get this question about what are the struggles in interior design profession and how I deal with them.

The first and hardest problem is to find clients. When you start a business finding project is the hardest part. You need to invest alot of time to go to public events, private events, emailing individuals to introduce yourself and invest money to do marketing. After you find a client It is important to design a project you truly enjoy. Throughout your career you might get alot of requests to do a specific type of project like commercial or residential, but if you really don't like to design one, then the outcome will not be presentable.

The second struggle after you find the client and the right type of project is how much you can charge your client. Since there are alot of competitions out there specially with the online design websites, it is hard to let your client know the value of your work. At the beginning it was hard to convince my clients because I was relatively new to this industry and how could they trust me???? Fortunately after they saw the design and the professional work and attitude, I could win their trust. After all, they all wanted a fresh and young design rather an old and stodgy one. 

The third and the last struggle for this blog is to how to make your costumers satisfied. Since interior design is not a type of company like tech startups that you can have investors, the only thing that will always bring you projects are the clients and the word of mouth. My number one goal is always to see my clients happy with their designed space.

Hope this blog would be helpful for those who dream about having their own interior design firm and I want to tell you all that as long as you don't jump in the ocean you will not learn how to swim properly. So get over your fears and start what you always dream, TODAY.



Welcome to My Design World



Hello my beloved readers. My name is Mitra and I am the founder of Deleap.  The first reason that I Wanted to start my blog is the ability to connect with those who love design and they want to get in to the world of interior design. I always get questions regarding how I started my business, what are the struggles in this world, how much experience each person should have and how should you deal with the clients and the third parties. 

The second purpose of writing a blogs is to connect with those that I am still not connected with, so hopefully they will read my weekly blog and we can connect in virtual world. However I always enjoy the face to face connection but what can we do this is 2016.

Well hang around as I plan to finally share my experiences regarding my design projects and insight of interior design world. 

Looking forward to hear from you all.