We are an interior design studio based in San Francisco with a combined experience of 10 years in the industry. Mitra Gholami founded Deleap in 2015, since then she has been gaining traction in hospitality, residential and commercial in and around the the bay area. Her bold and big ideas have helped her carve a reputation in the field. Mitra is dedicated to the craft of making things with details and precision. She uses hi-tech solutions and sustainability principles while developing designs.

We help our clients to help grow their business or realize their dreams by understanding their vision to create our design. We have a collaborative and inclusive design approach by involving our clients in the design process based on their enthusiasm. We like to create spaces that integrate functionality, creativity and people in equal proportions. 



Mitra got her Bachelor in Interior Architecture and Design from Dubai and Masters in Interior Architecture from Academy of Arts, San Francisco. She designed residential and commercial projects in Dubai, Sharjah and Morocco before starting Deleap. She is passionate about sustainability and has a keen eye for material, finishes and color combination. She has a special interest in experimenting with textures and tactility in her design which she believes is an important spatial experience.  Apart from design, Mitra loves to build client relations and network.